Earn Money Online - Online Data entry job 1

Earn Money Online – Online Data entry job

Earn Money Online - Online Data entry job 2

Earn money online, online data entry job

Are you looking for an online job to work at home?

Work in your part time / full time, Work from your PC, Laptop or Mobile. and earn money from online jobs, data entry jobs, job-filled jobs and EARN MONEY ONLINE.

What to do?

You have to post some materials provided to you on the job data entry project site. For each legitimate content you post, it is Rs. 5 / – will be paid. Work on your time. The list of data posting tools and posting websites will also be available in the member area. You do not need any website or prior experience to join. Log in to your account, copy text from the Tools section.

Paste this into the Data Entry website and your data will be posted in minutes. Along with your data entry earnings, you will also receive encouragement for Visitors + Registration.

  • Earn up to Rs.5 / – for every data entry. (Primary Income)
  • Earn Rs.200 / – to refer to a friend/referral for our site. (Additional earnings)
  • Earn up to Rs.3 for every data entry made by your friend/referral. (Additional earnings)

Earn from Online Tasks:

In addition to earning your data entry, you can earn by working as well. You will be paid from 1 rupee to 500 rupees to complete daily tasks in our site. Just log in to our site, pick the job that you want to do, finish it and make a payment.


  • Basic internet knowledge is just enough.
  • Work from home in your spare time.
  • Work from your PC, laptop or mobile
  • No minimum data posting per day.
  • Post to 1000 data entries per day.
  • Earn Extra from Easy Online Work
  • Check the stats in your A / C
  • balance and member area instantly.
  • Receive weekly payments by bank transfer, check, money order or pay Tm
  • Update your profile and payment options at any time.

Questions in your mind

When You can get the payment?
As soon as your account balance is raised Reaches 3000 / -, you can withdraw your earnings once a day. How you will get a payment?
You can withdraw your payments by bank transfer, check, money order or petty money. Are online jobs different from data entry work?
Yes, online jobs are different from data entry work, you can work both on our website. What type of online work will be given to you?
You will get the work of writing, reading, answering the simple question, filling the form etc. How much time does it take to complete a task?
Most tasks can be completed with 1 to 2 minutes, some tasks can take up to 5 minutes How many tasks will you get per day?
There is no such limit, the list of tasks will be available in the member area, you can choose anyone. Complete and pay for the tasks you like. My friend is interested to join, can I refer to him? Will I get any benefit for this?
Yes, you can not mention any. Friends To join our site, you get Rs. 200 / – will be paid, which you refer to us, for every data entry work done by them, you will get Rs. Up to 3 will be paid.

Where to start?

Now this question will raise in your mind that where to start working.

There are many websites on google which provide online data entry jobs.

But many of them are fake. They are making peoples fool. you will work hard to get paid but at the end, they will not pay you anything.

So, first of all, you have to find a genuine website to start working.

In my view, onlinedataentryjob.com  is a good website to start your work.

I will tell you to step by step everything

You will see this page:

Earn Money Online - Online Data entry job 3

You can read about the website and tasks you have to do as work to earn money online.

  • Scroll down to the first page
  • you will see click here to apply button.

Earn Money Online - Online Data entry job 4C


  • After click on apply, you will go to the signup page

Earn Money Online - Online Data entry job 5

Fill up the required details on this page.

click on I Agree. And submit button to submit your form.

Your account is created.

you will see the Earning table

Earn Money Online - Online Data entry job 6


You can Earn Money Online:-


  • Revenue per data: up to Rs.5 / -.
  • Maximum data entries per day: 1000 ads.
  • No minimum data entry per day
  • Earn Rs.200 / – to refer to a friend/referral for our site.
  • Earn toRs.3 for every data entry made by your friend/referral.


  • Daily login income: Rs. Per day up to 5
  • SMS and email ad revenue: up to Rs per email / SMS.
  • Earn revenue for viewing ads, watch the video and Facebook Like. Rs. 0.50 to Rs.5 / – per work


  • Overall monthly earnings = data energies + task earings
  • Minimum Payment: Rs. 3000 / –
  • Payment Release: Weekly
  • Pay us directly to the 3rd party
  • Methods of payment: Bank transfer, check, money order, peytm or PayPal.


Spending 2 to 3 hours, you will be able to post at least 100 data entries per day.

  • That is 100 data entry posting X Rs.5 = Rs. 500
  • If you do 200 jobs per day, you will earn
    200 Work X Rs.3 = Rs.600
  • If your friends/referrals make at least 100 data entries per day, you will earn,
    100 Data Entry (by Referral) X Rs.3 = Rs. 300
So, overall daily income =
Rs.500 + Rs.600 + Rs.300 =
1,400 per day 30 days x Rs.1,400 =
Rs.42,000 / – per month.

Payment proof:  Click Here

Joining Fees:

For server maintenance and administration fees, website charge you a one-time refundable deposit of Rs390 / – for this, you do not need to pay anything extra. You will get this amount back with your 1st payment.


After your 1st login, you will get a 100% cash back, that is, the amount you pay for Rs.390 will be credited back to your earning balance. You can withdraw this amount with your 1st payment as cash, so you are joining for FREE !!

Payment mode: ATM CARD / DEBIT CARD / CREDIT CARD / PAYTM /NETBANKING / ONLINE TRANSFER /BHIM APP. (You can pay by your Preferred Payment option)

  • After successful payment, your login details will be sent within 5 to 10 minutes of confirmation of payment by email and SMS.

After successful payment, your account will be activated and you can start your work and start to EARN MONEY ONLINE.

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