5 Best Websites To Start work as a Freelancer 1

5 Best Websites To Start work as a Freelancer


In recent years freelancing has become incredibly popular, some have used it to supplement their monthly income and others pursue it for full time for freedom. This increase in popularity is making sense that freelancers get to choose projects that they work, determine their hours, work from new places every day, and take their fees. However, with the freelancer ‘Gag’ getting more and more participants every day with the economy, finding projects is becoming a challenge for freelancers, especially those who are just starting now.

Freelancers today need to create a solid reputation and portfolio if they want to get stable work. But they can not do this if they do not get work in the first place- the experience required to gain eternal ‘experience’ is not restricted to conventional job seekers alone. Fortunately, there are many platforms that solve this dilemma by allowing freelancers to show their talents and scouts for potential talent. Here are Five best websites to find work as a freelancer:


Fitter is a job site for all types of freelancers; Their services include digital marketing, designing, writing, voice recording, music, programming and many others. Focusing on talent-hiring entrepreneurs for short-term projects, Fiverr is a good place for freelancers in search of interesting work with fair compensation.


Independently, the most famous site for freelance job seekers, offers both expert and novice freelancers in each conceivable job category above. With an impressive customer that includes companies like Panasonic, Unilever, Pinterest, Zendec, and more, Freelancers can choose from different types of high-paid gigs, which are beyond the reception in their portfolio.


Another platform that mainly meets small businesses, Freelancer is a site that allows job seekers to see all relevant postings and bid on those people, which they find most promising. The first one can be a challenge during getting one or two gigs, once the freelancer starts making his profile on the freelancer, the proposals start rolling with more frequency.


With over 3 million services on offer, all kinds of freelancers can find useful work on the gurus. The forum works on a bidding system where freelancers have to submit quotes in response to client posting. However, unlike many other sites adhering to this practice, the master has the escrow payment process alone, which ensures that the freelancer will never leave in the position to pay for his work.


Only a site for freelance designers, 99 designers is a platform where companies fulfill all their design requirements-whether they are logo, website, product, business card or T-shirt. This site works on a ‘competition’ basis, in which the freelancer clients deposit their designs for the need and then earn their pre-determined amount when choosing their work.



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